Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stanford bound

What a busy month around the Pierce household. Natalie is set to get heart surgery on September 15th. We have known she would need it for awhile now, but it still seems as though we are not ready. Maybe we will never be ready to take her. Giving her over to the surgical team is going to be gut wrenching, yet we know she needs the surgery. Last week she had one more echocardiogram, which showed an enlarged left ventricle. The plan is to either use a patch to fix her valve, or use a conduit. A patch is much more favorable as it will allow more time between her future repairs. A conduit will guarantee more repairs throughout her life.

She is bubbly, and as sweet as ever. Sometimes we can't get enough of her. She must be kissed a million times in a day. Her little toddler attitude is coming out, and we just love how demanding she is. Natalie is all about play, and is understanding simple instructions. She can clap when you ask, and is starting to give high fives. Signing is a slow process, but we are hopeful it will become more natural for all of us. Samuel seems to pick it up the fastest.

The next few months are going to be difficult, but we hold on to our hope in God. He has given us such an amazing daughter. We don't take a day for granted, and believe in his power. Please pray with us for wisdom and strength, and health for our princess. Pray that Samuel adapts quickly to his new routine, and Michael and I get the rest we need.Thank you for everyone who has supported and encouraged us. Natalie is such a joy and blessing to many. We will try to keep updates on the blog.


The Pierce Family

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